Today’s buyer is often looking for homes that are turnkey and move-in ready. Very few people are interested in purchasing a home that is in need of glaring repairs unless the price reflects the work that is needed. Before you list your home on the market for sale, here are some tips for consideration so that your home is in tip top shape for all buyers to preview.

Home inspection
Consider a pre-sale home inspection. For a few hundred dollars you can hire a professional inspector to review your home for any potential issues. This can be a wise idea so that you can address these repairs before they have the opportunity to be deal breakers for potential buyers.

Obtain Repair Estimates
In case your home inspection unearths some repairs that you cannot address, consider getting estimates for them. Having a few estimates in hand that you can offer can help buyers quickly quantify what needs to be done rather than them wasting time estimating. In addition, be sure to gather any warranties and manuals on all of your major appliances which shall remain with the home.

Tend to Minor Repairs
Don’t forget any of the small repairs that may need attention. Missing door pulls, loose hinges, dripping faucets or torn screens are all small fixes that can give the buyer the wrong impression if left unattended.

Be sure to clear your home of any unnecessary items. This includes kitchen counters, closets and storage areas. Installing shelving or closet organizers are great ideas as orderly storage always will appear larger and more accommodating. Pack up all of your family photos and extra decorations so that you depersonalize the home. Stage your furniture so that it shows off your home’s true potential and space. Remember, any time spent packing up items now is saved time for when your moving day arrives.

Deep Clean
A clean house always makes a great first impression. If your home is overwhelming in size or condition, consider hiring professionals to help you get it in perfect shape. Wash windows in and out, clean carpets to rid of any odor or pet smells and wash light fixtures and fans. Pay attention to all details like wiping down cabinets, polishing appliances and switchplates so they are all free of fingerprints. Don’t forget to sweep and organize the garage and storage spaces as well.

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